We hope our website will be a useful resource for you to get answers to your questions. We provide detailed information in the student handbook, located in the student and parent quick links on the Home page. And, as always, you're welcome to contact us at any time.

Students have the option to ride the bus to school, but we consider it a privilege to do so. Students must follow the student code of conduct while riding the bus and conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Visit our district’s transportation page for more information.

We have a limited amount of parking available to students, so we limit parking on campus. Students may purchase a $20 parking pass in the high school office.

Students may possess a cell phone or other electronic device on campus and must abide by all guidelines regarding usage of the device. We will confiscate any electronic device from students who do not follow the guidelines.

When students are tardy to school, they must report promptly to the attendance clerk for an admittance slip to class. For unexcused tardies, the classroom teacher will administer consequences for the first three. On the fourth unexcused tardy and each one thereafter, the administration will administer more severe consequences.

Regular attendance and academic success go hand in hand. However, we know there are times when your child will need to be absent. In order for us to excuse an absence, your child must bring a signed note from a parent or guardian to give to the attendance clerk. The note must have the date, the dates of the absence, the reason for the absence, the signature of the parent or legal guardian, and a phone number. Students are responsible to make up work that is missed.

We expect our students to adhere to the dress code listed below:

  1. Students' shorts/skirts/dresses must be no shorter than four inches above the kneecap.
  2. Students may not wear clothing with holes.
  3. Students may not wear visible body piercings, other than in the ear.
  4. Students may not wear tank tops, halters, tops with spaghetti straps, or tops that expose the midriff. Students may not wear underclothing as outer garments, and they may not wear clothing that exposes undergarments.
  5. We prohibit any style of clothing that tends toward immodesty.
  6. Students may not wear picks, combs, rollers, or other styling devices in the hair.
  7. Students may not wear sunglasses inside the school building unless prescribed for medical reasons.
  8. Students may not wear hats, caps, toboggans, head scarves, bandanas, wristbands, sweatbands, hairnets, shower caps, stocking caps, or do-rags inside the school building.
  9. Students may not wear see-through clothing.
  10. Students may not wear skin-type pants, Nike style shorts, or biking shorts.
  11. If a student wears leggings, an appropriate skirt or other cover must also be worn.
  12. Students must wear pants at the waist – no sagging pants.
  13. We do not permit clothing with suggestive, vulgar, indecent, or disruptive slogans or pictures.
  14. We don't permit clothing advertising alcoholic products or drugs.
  15. Students may not wear clothing or present in a manner that would identify him or her with gangs or any other illegal activities.
  16. Male students may not wear skirts or other garments traditionally designed to be worn by females. Male students must wear shirts with sleeves.
  17. We do not permit wallet chains at school.
  18. We do not permit trench coats or duster style coats.