Principal's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2017-18 school year for LHS.  I am very excited about the beginning of our new school year and particularly the roll-out of our new strategic plan for the Lafayette County School District. The new district motto is “Anchored to Excellence” and while we have always been anchored to excellence, this is a great motto for all of us to know and use as we approach every task that we face during the school year.  Whether it is modifying that one sentence to take a writing assignment from an A to an A+ or anticipating the needed response in a 24-24 match point in Volleyball, choosing always to remain “Anchored to Excellence” can be the difference between everyone else and a Commodore.

Class schedules are strong, clubs and organizations are plentiful, events are routinely available to enjoy and camaraderie abounds at LHS.  Whether you are a student or a member of the greater Commodore school community, work hard toward full completion of every task for which you are responsible and we will definitely experience great outcomes for our whole school community during this academic year.

I look forward to spending this year with each of you and for those who are new to our school or district, Welcome Aboard! As you adjust to life here on the ship, always remember that, while not everybody can be, everybody wants to be a Commodore, so stay “Anchored to Excellence” and have a great school year on the campus of Lafayette High School.

Go Commodores,

 - Glenn Kitchens