Greetings, Commodores,

We are about to begin a wonderful adventure. The 2022-2023 school year ushers in our transition to a block schedule. Nearly 2 years of exploration, decision making, and planning have gone into the process that ultimately became what we believe to be the best decision for our Commodores as we continue our journey at LHS. We expect some choppy water as we navigate all that comes with this decision but we must venture in order to conquer. We have been and remain confident that together, we will achieve success. 

The storms we face will require attention to detail, service from all, and loyalty to the ship. This level of camaraderie will guide us through any challenge that threatens our progress, ultimately bringing victory and the opportunity for celebration at a personal level for each Commodore and collectively for everyone on board the ship. This voyage is going to be great!

Excitement abounds as we begin our new process of learning and fellowship. Join in as we set sail in pursuit of academic achievement, extra-curricular prowess, and a Commodore school community experience that has no rival. We are Commodores and we are Anchored to Excellence!

Go ‘Dores,

Glenn Kitchens


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